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FUNKY birthday 2U

Luc Jason Murphy is a multi-instrumentalist

in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


FUNKY birthday 2U is an in-studio personalized composing service. It's a wonderfully uncommon way to make someone feel special and appreciated on their birthday or any other milestone. Each tune is unique and can be tailored to the individual receiving it. Check out the example below!


When the 2020 pandemic hit, all touring dates were cancelled and I found myself with a whole lot of time on my hands. My nephew’s birthday was approaching and I thought it would be cool to compose a personalized Funky birthday tune for him. When he heard it, he freaked out! He totally loved it! So when my friend Michael’s 80th birthday came along, I didn’t hesitate to repeat the experience: Listening to the tune was the highlight of the gathering. I later composed a third tune for another friend who was moved to tears as she listened to it. 

It was then that I thought: “I may be onto something here…

                           How it works         

Purchasing a FUNKY birthday 2U is easy! Take a look at the menu below to get an idea of what is available and 

an idea of its cost, then call me or send an e-mail (1 (514) 572-2363/ and we have a chat about your needs. I love what I do and and my greatest desire is for you to have a hassle free experience. Once the tune is finished, I’ll send you or the recipient an e-mail with a copy of the tune or a youtube link. If you are unfamiliar with any technical aspect, I’ll help you along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly. Note: a month’s notice is recommended prior to delivery. 

FUNKY birthday 2U
FUNKY birthday 2U


Prices are in Canadian dollars


Deluxe FB2U tune 

This is a deliciously funky tune including vocals, sax or flute solos, percussions, horn lines and a cover photo of your choice. A rich & bombastic musical experience. Two minutes of pure party ! 



Add a slide show

make your FB2U gift even more memorable by adding a slide show with your choice of pictures. See ''It's Ethan's Birthday' On the 'Music' page as a reference.


Add audio comments

Adding audio comments from friends and family makes your FB2U gift very personal. For an example, listen to ‘Happy Birthday Michael!’ on the ‘Music’ page.

$5 per photo

$20 per recording

Special requests

Special requests are welcomed! You may want something a little shorter, a little longer, in a different language, in a different style, etc... Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and desires! For an example, listen to 'Feliz Cumpleaños Miguel' on the music page

A 30 day notice is recommended

Cost to be discussed

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